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  1. Royal

    Osu Sensei,

    I was reading one of the Budokan’s webpages and came across a definition of “Budo” on the video of the Judoka doing mat work. Budo, they say, is the “art of killing” which we both know is not the case. However, I was wondering if you made it clear to your students who may not know what the word “budo” means or the difference between “budo” and “bujitsu” and how “budo” was derived from “bujitsu.” Anyway, I know that you put much thought into doing things and you probably explained this to your classes already but I was just wondering.

    PS My wife is gonna give birth to a Boy in a few days. We will name him Ronin. I’m gonna have another warrior!

    Hope all is well on your end!!!

    Osu Rage

    July 3, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    • Sensei

      Osu Master Rage!!! Congrats on everything! Yes, Budo is the Art of “killing”. To the outsider they may make the mistake of thinking that this refers to killing others. However this is a shallow perspective. The true student of Budo understands that this “killing” means the “killing” of ones own ego, doubts, fears, jealousy and all the rest. It is this “killing” which brings us close to “living” the best life possible.One with no regrets, living each day as if it was our last. Showing love and compassion with all our hearts to our families and friends, leaving no stone unturned. So yes
      this “killing” is the rebirth of you. So one must learn to free the ambitous mind and learn the art
      of dying. Budo is a journey inward, the outward training is only the manifestation of what takes place in ones soul. Anotherwords, you study the sword to study the soul. If ones soul is of right actions and justice so to will be his sword and its actions. Students at the academy can hear these words from me on a weekly basis however this talk of “rebirth” of the soul can only be understood through feeling, time and experience, this is why some students, instructors, high level Martial Artist, great warriors and even soldiers can be either led astray or have misconceptions without proper understanding, guidance and patience. Some even making the grave error of believing Budo is “Violent” or violence. The word is not the thing, what must be emphasized is the spirit of the thing. We forge our bodies and mind in the heat of the dojo only to do one thing, that is… to remove impurities. Remove sickness of body and mind. One who clings on to misconceptions of violence or “killing” has not yet learned to be still and truly absorb the “do” or way (Tao) of budo or the “bu” which truly means conflict resolution. This great courage to journey inward is shown outward by what you bring fourth, this is how Champions are born. It is my hope that more can come to train and learn this, all of which I have learned from studying Budo.

      Sensei Nardu

      Hope we can see you soon, please come by to train next time your in NYC.

      July 3, 2011 at 9:21 pm

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