BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Victory at the Capitale!!!

Congratulations to Randy “Rudeboy” Brown for winning his Muay Thai debut at the Capitale in New York City. He won in impressive fashion with very sharp Thai boxing. Randy showed that its a big mistake to try to fight him at close quarters as he unleashed devastating knees into his opponent Jeremy Uy. The crowd was behind Randy with loud roars as every knee was thrown, it was as if the fight was taking place in Thailand itself. A very game Jeremy Uy fought with great heart but was unable to mount any offense against the smooth scientific movements of Randy Brown. The power of his knees in the clinch echoed all throughout the arena. Once again Lou Neglia put on a outstanding show with fighters from all the local Schools laying it all on the line and fighting with their heart and soul. The Budokan Martial Arts Academy would like to thank all who made this possible especially Randy Browns sponsors Epic MMA  and Stamina 1. Randy “Rudeboy” Brown Series 2.0 shirts are now on sale. A promising future for the Budokan Allstar. Also special thanks to Savoca Sensei of the Tendokan for Iaido and Zazen training.

Winner via Unanimous Decision… Randy Brown




“Rudeboy” at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stam1na-Apparel/220763854607632?ref=ts#!/Rudeb0yMMA

Thank you for all your support!

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