BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Budokan Grand Opening!!!

WOW! Our grand opening was off the hook!!! Sifu Ralph Mitchell set it off with a electrifying performance of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. After which our Wu Shu Warriors took center stage and demonstrated the art of Chinese Kung Fu. They were outstanding, so much hard work and effort led to a beautiful performance. After which Sensei demonstrated the art of the Japanese sword… Iaido.

Our Grand Opening featured a in house tournament of our best youth sword fighters. The action was intense as the competitors attacked with lightning fast techniques. The action was back and forth with the first place winner emerging… Christian Cambell.

Master Chief led the children through a action packed “Boardbreaking” day. Children had a great time breaking and even some adults got in on the action. Sensei Nardu taught a great BJJ seminar detailing the core basics of Brazilian jiu Jitsu, Professor Harry led the team through a Judo workshop, the subtle techniques, transitions and explosiveness are what make Judo the gentle art.

Absolutely a day to be remembered, Thank you to all who came and showed your support. Also shoutout to East Coast MMA, who was on hand selling the latest and best MMA gear. train hard, and i’ll c u on the mats.


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