BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Lessons from the Budokan

Before movements can take place, there must be a change of muscular tension on both sides of the joints to be moved. The effectiveness of this muscular teamwork is one of the factors which determine limits of your speed, endurance, power, agility and accuracy. Coordination is by all means one of the most important considerations in any study to become proficient. Any excessive tension in the muscles acts as a brake and thereby slows, weakens and telegraphs the movement. Excess tension also leads to quicker levels of fatigue or “gassing out”.

The outstanding character of the expert Martial Artist is ease of movement, even during maximal effort…This takes work. The beginner or novice is characterized by excessive tension, forcing the movement, using “strength” , all of which is wasted effort. Similar to a wise  man investing his finances which he has accumulated and a man who can never seem to accumulate wealth because he’s constantly spending it. This tension acts as a marker for your opponent, it tells your opponent exactly what your doing and how your doing it, thus once he has gathered enough intelligence on your position he can now launch a counter attack or submission hold.

Naturalness means ease or comfort, so that all muscles can act with the greatest fluidity and ease. You must learn to play in different “lanes”. There’s the entry lane onto the freeway which adopts a certain speed, a middle lane which flows at a different speed and of coarse the left lane which is driven at a entirely different speed. How you move from one lane to the next determines how you reach your destination. Remember naturalness takes time but first a realization, sometimes you have to slow down in order to speed up, or step back so you can leap forward… this understanding extends to all.

Train smart & i’ll c u on the mats



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