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Sifu Ralph Mitchell featured in the latest issue of Black Belt Magazine

Be sure to pick up the latest version of Black Belt Magazine. Sifu Ralph Mitchell breaks it down and tells it how it is. He covers his feelings on the current MMA scene, traditional martial arts and more, his story starts on page 36 and is written by Mark Jacobs. A great article to add to your collection, pick it up today. After you read it, get off the couch, come down and meet Sifu Ralph…a living legend, his class starts at 8:30 monday nights at the Budokan.

3 responses

  1. Robert Townsend

    I am inquirying if GrandmasterRaloh Mitchell is still teaching Jook lum praying mantis in his classes or is it his Univeral Defense Systems classes. I would be honored to meet him. However, I will have to come up after August 21st due to religious preocuppations during the month of Rammadan.
    Also what is rbe tuition costs and does he only teach on Mionday nights at 8:30 p.m ?
    Thank You,
    Robert Townsend

    July 30, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    • Yes Sifu Mitchell does teach the art of Quang Zi Jook Lum Tong Long Kune. However few prospective students are diligent enough to stay the coarse and learn the entire art. Sifu Ralph is the most genuine person and will sit down with you to discuss your goals in learning the art. After which he will let you know how to proceed. The best thing to do is come down to the dojo and meet with him in person. You can come Monday night at 8:30. Be sure to call earlier that way he will be expecting to see you. Thank you.

      August 1, 2012 at 2:26 am

      • Robert Townsend


        I intend on coming up this Monday August 20th, 2012 to meet Sifu Mitchell. Do you want me to call earlier that day or should I call a few days prior to reserve enough time to speak with him so it will not be in conflict with an already scheduled class that night?
        Thank You,
        Robert Townsend

        August 15, 2012 at 6:45 pm

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