BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Fun in Wildwood! Victory at NAGA!!!













Congrats to all NAGA Competitors, the competition was fierce as our team went head to head with the top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters in the United States. The event was tremendous with well over 500 competitors. Our team fought with a passion like no other. Fighters were forced to “dig” deep into their soul and fight like hell. These type of battles bring out the best  in you, a true “gut check” to see exactly what your made of. Under the intense pressure of the top BJJ academies in the country our teams metal did not fold, bend break or even crack, instead we stood strong and embraced the challenge. Shoutout to Taylor Rochester for stepping up to the next level of competition and securing the first place victory in both gi and no gi…nice! Jacqueline Blain, Joseph Amir, Elijah Blain, Liam Fitzgerald, Richard “the prosecutor”, Ryan Pean, Ally Fitzgerald and Christian Grant – Onyx!!!

Great work guys, you have made the dojo proud. Train Smart and i’ll c u on the mats.



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