BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Countdown to Adults BJJ Testing starts now!

Thursday 6:30… “Hell day”…Absolutely no water breaks, video taping or retaking of examination. Testing starts prompt, be sure to be on time and please notify the front desk of any medical condition prior to test taking. If you are suffering from a recent injury that may impair you from performing at your best then DO NOT COME! Wait until your injury heals and you are able to perform at your healthiest and your best in the future. Photographs are allowed after examination is complete. Be sure to observe ALL basic etiquette (ex.bowing anytime when entering or leaving the mats, bowing to your training partner, clean gi, proper seiza, obi tied etc.)  as this test is highly formal. Absolutely no questions can be asked during technical portions of testing. DO NOT ASK TO USE THE BATHROOM, this is unfair to others who are working hard to maintain focus, departing from the mats during practice is a distraction. Be sure to use the bathroom prior to stepping on the mats. Keep items for live training nearby such as mouthpiece or ear guards. If you are late to this exam then go back home, it is a automatic failure. This is the ultimate slap to think you can just waltz in 15 or 20 minutes late after all your training brothers have been putting in work and you can simply “miss” the warm up. So if you are late, please hit that U turn. You must know our 7 principles! Our Black belt test requires you to actually talk about some of these principles, to see the depth of your growth. For now all you have to do is say them in order by memory. If you have not put these principles to memory by testing day then stay home as this is automatic failure for reasons of embarrassing common sense. Our principles is our creed. If you are unsure of the Japanese terminology yet you feel you know the technique well enough, then my friend… you are mistaken. There is a direct connection between the dialect term and the technique. If you have not studied this enough then hit that 3 point U turn and go back home to seek comfort. You must put forth your absolute best effort.  So whats my advice to you? ….Be resolved from the beginning.

Train smart, hopefully i’ll c u on the mats.



One response

  1. KB

    Man, that sounds like the most formal belt testing I’ve ever heard about.

    August 7, 2012 at 3:27 pm

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