BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Never before pics!!! From the Budokan.

If you have ever been in the BUDOKAN then your pic is here! Never before seen pics emerge and come together in a wonderful display of the growth of our Dojo. From our first students, instructors, parents, friends and family. All are somewhere in this video. Don’t  forget that Martial Arts is forever. My Sifu said “if you leave the Dojo on good terms and for good reason then you can always return.” He called it a revolving door policy. So if you see yourself in these pics and are thinking if you should resume your training the answer is simple… Just do it!!! Be resolved from the beginning not to make a new resolution but to become part of the revolution! Come down and see what we have grown into. Continue your training and do not be afraid of skills, cardio, timing or speed you have lost. All can be regained with focus and determination, especially when surrounded by others of like mind. To those who are still here and can see how far you come let these images remind you that a black belt is a white belt who never gave up! There is nothing that you can not accomplish if you just “stick to the game plan” In the end, Martial Arts training is not about the latest gear, framed accomplishments, cool gym items or more. It boils down to a very simple thing… the dedication a student has to his teacher and their journey through Budo together… This is a blessing supreme.

Train smart & i’ll c u on the mats.



One response

  1. Wow, where did all these pics come from!

    September 11, 2012 at 1:30 am

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