BUDOKAN Martial Arts

We came…we saw…. we smashed!!!

Huge congrats to all the competitors who fought with heart and soul, each match was very tough as all competitors brought their “A game” to the mats. Some highlights included Senpai Antonelli getting back into action and displaying surgeon like accuracy of technique, Liam Fitzgerald displaying uncanny flexibility and grit to secure the victory in the finals, Randy “Rudeboy” Brown getting back to his winning ways taking the first prize and Matt Culley stepping up to fight in the Absolute division to face Brown and Black Belts. Some other highlights included Muay Thai Coach Kevin in a scrap from hell, also securing first, as well as Rodiny jumping back in the mix and winning gold in No gi. Our Youth did amazing as Ally Fitzgerald dazzled the audience with clean picture perfect technique and great sportsmanship. Ryan Pean and Christian “Onyx” Grant was on a tear with superb Jiu Jitsu.  James Russell was also on the mats fighting like a lion! Jonah and Joseph fought well and did a great job.  Excellent work guys! Remember… Success is not for the weak and uncommitted… so stay resolved from the beginning to stay committed! True Success goes beyond getting your hand  raised in victory, success lies in the way you conduct yourself on and off the mats, as all is a display of the depth of your character and how much you truly understand about Martial Arts. Sifu Ralph Mitchell taught me to win with honor and lose with humility but when you lose, never lose the lesson. Big shoutout and thanks to all who came to support.

Keep up the outstanding work, train smart and i’ll c u on the mats.



“Fortune favors the brave”

One response

  1. Great performances by all!

    October 21, 2012 at 10:02 pm

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