BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Happy Holidays from Sensei…

christmas-card-zenHappy Holidays to the entire Budokan family, may peace & prosperity follow you now and forever. This year was full of so many challenges. Not for any individual, but for the entire world. I would like to believe that man has begun to realize that his daily trivial problems are tiny in comparison to the problems that exist throughout the world and in the minds of the collective people as a whole. When you are lost, always return to the beginning. In the new year it would be wise to return to that simplicity, daily decrease instead of daily increase. Focus on the big picture, don’t get caught up or entangled in any illusions or delusions, instead in the new year seek a calm distilled truth, one that gives you instant clarity, a sudden sense of purpose, awaken your minds eye to this truth of simplicity and share it with your loved ones. Remember… There is never progress without conflict. Use the conflicts of 2012 to triumph in 2013. Learn from the past now so we as a team can succeed tomorrow. Do not be afraid of change as it is the only thing that is permanent. Train smart & i’ll c u on the mats. Osu


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