BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Back from Thailand!!!

Were back from Thailand with a wealth of wisdom and appreciation for Thai culture. With daily training in over 100 degree weather we felt first hand what the Muay Thai fighter deals with on a regular basis in hopes to fight a big match to win some money to help bring his family out of such poor circumstance. You see, in Thailand its just middle and lower class, and their middle is not our middle. The things we take for granted as Americans is amazing. We are flat out spoiled. I believe that adversity builds character, daily perserverance nurtures & strengthens the will. They may be physically poor but spiritually rich.

In any fight it is the will and resolve which will be tested, not so much the technique, of coarse good technique is crucial but the “resolve” to move forward when facing difficulty is what separates the contender from champion. The Thai’s living condition fosters this indomitable will.  Thailand is a beautiful place and if you have not been there yet be sure to add it to one of your future destinations, such kind people, great food especially the fruit and wonderful places to see, many breathtaking sights. Interesting footnote is that Coach Kevin’s asthma never acted up the entire time, even under heavy training. Its great to be back, thanks to all the Sempai’s and Deshi’s who held down the dojo, i’ll c u guys on the mats.



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