BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Matt Culley earns the Belt at NAGA Worlds!!!

get-attachment.aspxHuge congrats to all competitors as this was one of our hardest fought campaigns yet. All competitors fought with great determination. A few highlights included Sempai Akbar rendering his opponent unconscious via Morote jime, Sempai Matt Culley battling in the heavy terrain of the expert division, winning 3 consecutive matches via submission, and all our Budokan youth who competed with warrior spirit making the Dojo proud. “If you want to launch big ships, you have to go where the water is deep”.  I can assure you that we were in deep waters… its your level of dedication which allowed you to stay afloat and your determination that allowed you to swim to shore. Thank you to everyone who came out to give genuine support to all. Good work team.

***Announcement***  We are starting a BJJ Competition class for all adults who are serious about tournament or who would like to compete, this is a “All levels” class starting Wednesday May 1st. This is a required class for all who want to compete. We will not only explore the rigors of scientific training but all components that are necessary to enter into competition with the proper mind set.

E-mail will be sent out with class time, so be on the lookout.

Train smart, & i’ll c u on the mats


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