BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Matt Culley wins via KO!!!

photo-2photo-3photo-4Huge congrats to Matt Culley for his devastating double KO victory at the XCC. Matt was in total control start to finish, he came out  with clean polished strikes, he landed a uppercut which dropped his opponent unconscious to the canvas. The referee did not stop the action so Matt had to go for the “end game“. He secured a tight head and arm guillotine which once again rendered his opponent unconscious… winner via KO in the first round! A spectacular MMA debut for Matt Culley.

The way of the Samurai is found in death, it is in learning the art of dying that we can truly live… Don’t wait on no one, go forth and take your goal. The beginner’s mind is a beautiful thing.

Also big shout out and thanks to all who came out to Philadephia to support the team! We even had a few summer camp kids in the house with “Go Matt” signs. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a sincere solid team to raise a fighter.

Train smart & i’ll c u on the mats



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