BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Ronny Davila wins at Reality Fighting! NAGA Champions crowned.

20130803_17003620130804_150245Huge congrats to Ronny Davila as he made his debut at Reality Fighting in Wildwood NJ. After 3 tough rounds the fight went to the judges. Ronny Davila won a unanimous decision as all three judges saw the fight in his favor. At the closing bell Ronny was mounted on his opponent unleashing a barrage of strikes. A great way to close the show! The next day at NAGA we had another Expert division champion crowned, Sempai Akbar Muhammad! The much sought after NAGA belt which can only be earned through blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice was finally awarded to Sempai who displayed superb Jiu Jitsu. The following day we had our youth compete and perform with flying colors. We also had a few youth champions in the house! Taylor Rochester, who stepped into the deep waters of the expert division. Liam Fitzgerald also brought home the Gold as well as Ally Fitzgerald. Other Gold medalist included Jacky Blaine, James Russel, Cameron Rochester and Jonathan Zenny. A long & hard fought campaign. Outstanding work team. Train smart & i’ll c u on the mats.


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