BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Rudeboy is victorious!!!

get-attachment-4.aspxIn the first round Randy’s opponent came out with guns blazing. He wanted to get the fight to the ground by any means necessary. After a fiery stand up exchange Randy was able to secure a takedown where he landed in the full mount position. Not a place you want to be underneath Randy Brown. There he did what he was trained to do… unleash hell. Randy showed superior ground control as his opponent transitioned from being mounted to giving his back where Randy rained more blows from above. In the second round Randy’s opponent Leonard Simpson attempted a very entertaining front flip. It was a beautiful display of gymnastics. A wonderful no hand front summersault. He glided through the air effortlessly. The crowd cheered…Unfortunately for Mr. Simpson it was the wrong sport. This is MMA, not gymnastics. Randy simply answered with more educated strikes, landing vicious combinations which crumbled his opponent to the mat, forcing the referee to halt the match in the second round. This moves Randy up another notch in Professional MMA. What is next for the rising star?Look for him to be back in the cage January 2015. Thank you to all who came out and supported, you are a part of history in the making.


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