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5 Benefits of Starting Your Child In Mixed Martial Arts…

IMG_5083     1. Fitness   

Martial Arts provides a balance between the three elements of fitness which are strength, flexibility and endurance. This is seen preferably through body weight exercises and aerobic physical activities which help maintain overall optimal health and wellness. Many kids learn this art in order to remain physically fit. Such activities involve a great amount of physical exertion, and that helps in toning and strengthening the muscles of growing kids. This has also proven to help children whom are enrolled in other sports to perform at higher physical means with improved coordination and motor skills, all while reducing the frequency of injuries.

    2.  Confidence/Self Esteem

In practicing different martial arts, children are able to work in team settings building a foundation for social skills through the cooperation and understanding it takes while working with other peers. These set of skills stem from the mat and effect all aspects of life…allowing for children to create a sense of self importance and self resilience. Also, with greater physical health children are bound to become more confident in their appearances as well as their self esteem and their perspectives of themselves. Martial Arts helps hone in on every individuals inner ego and this concept can be a humbling one, especially on the mats.

    3.  Discipline

When introducing Martial Arts to children in general, there must be a sense of discipline. Without discipline the learning process is cut short and focus and concentration is lost. This is how martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitzu and Muay Thai Kickboxing standout in regards to their unique style and method of teaching. This disciplinary teaching incorporating demands for physical and mental training creates an overall mold to the students individual demeanor and children whom train commonly see an increase in academic performance as a result of training mixed martial arts. This discipline is also met with rewards which creates an optimal environment for children.

   4.  Self Defense

Arguably one of the most important reasons to enroll your child into a martial art is the self defense aspect. Through these strict regimes of training, children are able to learn the technical fundamentals of defense and learn how to apply these techniques in real life scenarios. It is something which cannot be price tagged in regards to the benefits, especially when a child is placed in that situation where they are pushed to defend themselves and deal with the harsh reality of today’s society.

   5.  IT’S FUN!!!

The physical aspect of the training definitely engages the children, but it’s the less tangible results that can help them positively channel their energy and confidently stare down obstacles in their lives while setting goals and having a blast. Theres no doubt that kids are seen to have everlasting batteries that never turn off, and this is why Martial Arts is fun for kids. Kids can have a sense of achievement through practicing physical activities while belt ranking and having the satisfaction of learning new techniques. It all ties into the concept of branching out. Martial Arts is commonly seen as brick and mortar punching and kicking but it branches out into multiple different aspects of everyones lives making it a fun and addicting thing to do!

There is a reason why Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Tony Robbins, Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser), child psychologists, and educators all agree that Martial Arts is one of the most valuable activities you can involve your child in. Martial Arts classes go beyond the brick and mortar of self defense and in today’s society and it’s imperative to understand the importance of Martial arts and its effects on children.

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