BUDOKAN Martial Arts

Fall 7 times Rise 8!

Screenshot_2016-03-24-23-48-32-1-1Michael Graves was victorious at UFC Tampa against Randy Brown. He won via Rear naked choke in the second round. There is nothing that happens under the sun by accident. Everything happens for a rhyme and reason, time and season. In combat, assessment and reassessment are crucial to victory, along with critical thinking, split second decision making and execution. The UFC is the pinnacle of MMA competition. There is no higher organization. To be there is to be amongst the best fighters in the world. The Budokan is proud to have one of our own competing along side such great warriors. However we must be prepared to share smiles and frowns, fighting is a gutter brutal unforgiving sport where it is simply kill or be killed. This is the nature of the beast. As painful as this loss was for Randy and all teammates… it was necessary. This loss will spark the process of reassessment, it will lead him toward the future success he is destined for, in the future he will remember this loss and be grateful as his hand is being raised. One step back to take another step forward. The mark of a Champion is not how he falls, the mark of a Champion is how he gets up.  Stay focused!  Osu

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